Annually your pet will receive a complete and thorough physical examination. All body systems are examined from head to paw. Every animal will receive an eye, ear, and skin exam, oral cavity check, and a thoracic exam, which involves listening to the heart and lungs. In senior patients, we recommend annual senior wellness lab work, which may allow us to diagnose a potential problem early before clinical signs appear.

For dogs, an initial Rabies vaccine is administered at 16 weeks of age, then it is required by Caddo Parish to be given every 3 years. A Parvovirus combination vaccine is administered yearly to help protect your pet against serious infections. Once yearly your dog will also receive appropriate lab testing, which includes a heartworm test and an intestinal parasite check.

Cats will also receive their first Rabies vaccine at 16 weeks, then it is required every 3 years by Caddo Parish. A FVRCP/FeLV combination vaccine and deworming is administered annually.

The vaccinations discussed above are considered core vaccines. Our clinic also requires an Influenza vaccine for all dogs boarding or grooming in our facilities, and a Bordetella Bronchiseptica (Kennel Cough) vaccine for all dogs boarding at our facilities.

We try to do the necessary vaccinations your pet needs based on their lifestyle and exposure. Other vaccinations are available, so please talk with our veterinarians if you have any concerns or travel where your pet may be exposed to different diseases.