Pet Surgical Laser

Here at Vivian Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer pet surgical laser services.

Pet Surgical Laser

Pet Surgical Laser

Welcome to Vivian Animal Hospital, where we appreciate the close relationship you share with your four-legged friends. Our state-of-the-art Pet Surgical Laser services, which are revolutionizing how we approach veterinary surgery, are something we are happy to offer. Our facility, based in Vivian, Louisiana, combines cutting-edge medical technology with tender compassion to deliver superb surgical results for your cherished pets.

We think that the most modern methods should be used to improve your pets’ wellbeing. Numerous advantages of our pet surgical laser ensure safer and more successful surgical procedures:

Trust Our Expertise at Vivian Animal Hospital

Our committed group of veterinarians and our highly skilled staff are passionate about giving your pets the best care possible. We combine our knowledge with a sympathetic attitude to ensure your beloved family members get the specialized care and consideration they require.

1. Accuracy and precision

Our knowledgeable veterinarians can perform procedures with unmatched precision thanks to Pet Surgical Laser. The careful targeting of the injured tissues by the focused laser beam reduces harm to nearby healthy tissues. This degree of precision leads to more efficient procedures and better results for your pet.

2. Lessened Swelling and Bleeding

As it cuts, the surgical laser closes blood arteries, considerably minimizing hemorrhage. This lessens the need for extensive cauterization or stitches, enabling quicker healing and lowering your pet’s post-operative swelling.

3. Reduced discomfort and pain:

Your pet will experience less pain and discomfort due to the laser’s accuracy and less tissue disruption. This is especially advantageous for operations on delicate body parts like the eyes or lips.